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Open Letter to Jehovah Witnesses:

Dear Jehovah Witnesses,

Could you please address these issues that you have separated yourselves from, in which any and all Christian sect believe:

1.  Foundation: once something is built, it doesn’t matter how many years have passed or how many different names it is called; it still has the same foundation.  The founder of the Jehovah Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell, was reported to be a perjurer under oath, sworn adversary of historic Christianity, and scholastic fraud.

2.  The Door: Jesus is the door to The Father.  If you do not come through the door,but some other door, the same is a thief.  See John 10:1-2.  Yet you claim not to go through this door of Jesus.

3. Polytheism: If you worship Jesus and claim he is not God, then by your own doctrine, you are engaging in polytheism.

4. Jesus as God and Man: Jehovah Witnesses have stated in their documents op, cit, pg 87  the Jesus was just a perfect man and not God in the flesh (read John 1, 8:58, 20:28, Colossians 1:16-17, Hebrews 1:1-3).

5. Triune: the Jehovah Witnesses have claimed that this is a pagan belief and unBiblical, yet if you read John 14:16, Luke 24, Matthew 3 and Acts 4, the the Bible you claim to use, this refutes that sentiment.

From my understanding, what makes a person a Christian, and also part of the Christian denominations, is if you accept and follow Christ.  Because you do not recognize Him as the Son of God,  how can you rightfully call yourselves a Christian?



1. All these complaints about how violent the movie the passion of Christ was. Even among “Christians”. Yet i don’t hear a rage about how violent video games have become and also how movies rated pg 13 now, used to be rated R. The violence spoken of, in the movie the passion, is misinterpreted. Our sin separated us from God and is so heinous that the barbaric method of that era was chosen for us. We should be rejoicing and not murmuring.  He did it for us! Rejoice for you have life eternally and on this earth too!

2. As a Christian i did not vote for obama. Neither did i vote for mccain.  i am ‘black’.  But most of the African-Americans and minorities i know, voted and supported obama.  i do appreciate what God has made of him and the values he has, but i cannot support a man who has overturned the spiritual fortifications Bush setup, in less than a month in office. Now our country is spiritually responsible for the souls of many being aborted around the world with our taxpaying money. May God forgive us for this great sin, this immense blood is on our hands, we will have to account for putting him in office.

3. People often speak against of judging those by what you see. We’ve heard stories of those concealing their identities to test the true character of another. Most fail. But could i suggest that observing the exterior can lead to exposure of the interior? And assessing those traits as a fact is not a judgment, but mere truth? If you see someone constantly sloppy in dress would you entrust your child to them? Can an overweight person teach me discipline? Could a smoker give me tips on how to succeed in life?

Sinner’s Prayer:

Dear Lord & Father, You are the Creator of all things and I know you created me. But I recognize I am a sinner through Adam's Fall and you sent your only Son, Jesus Christ to live, die and be raised from the dead for me. I repent of my sins and renounce all evil works and serving of other, lower, and lesser gods before thee. Come into me life and cleanse me by your Blood. Make me whole and well by your Holy Spirit. I now desire to live for you. Let your Holy Spirit guide me in all things. In the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

Scripture of the Month-March

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

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Jesus never charged for His Sermons, Preaching, Healing, etc...why should we put His Anointing on books, tapes, and cds, and charge people for it? I recall How angry Jesus was when the leaders of the Church of His time altered the purpose of the temple and made it a business. Shouldn't we too, be afraid to do the same? UPDATE: a minister pointed out, He didn't have to because His own people were financing Him. They were wealthy...

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