Superstitious Speech

Have you ever thought about why we saying Bless you, when we sneeze or Good Luck when we leave?  What is the origin of those things?

Think about it.  Are we blindly saying what the pop culture or the world has practiced?  What if we study why we say this?

If we discover that they are from superstitions, are we as Christian to continue in speaking this way?  Where does these superstitions come from?

A superstition is defined an irrational belief or practice resulting from ignorance or fear of the unknown. (from  Any time we move in fear or ignore, we know we aren’t moving in the Word of God.  For He does not give us a spirit of fear….& His people are destroyed if they have a lack of knowledge (ignorance).

Let’s not carry any tradition that the Lord did not give us. I charge people, especially Christians, to examine what they say out of the sake of tradition.

What could it hurt?  But what can you gain?

You determine!

Examine this info on saying “bless you” after you sneeze:

Read this info on luck:


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