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The Lord’s Prayer in 13 Languages


Old Testament / Tanakh / Hebrew Bible

I meet quite a few Christians who do not bother to read or study the Old Testament.  The common reason I hear is that Jesus came and did away with the old covenant.  In a spiritual sense that’s true, but really its not.

Jesus, as a Jewish man, learned and followed Jewish customs & traditions, picked Jewish men and was sent to that nation(Matthew 15:24 & Matthew 10:5-7 & John 4:22).  Paul’s ministry was sent to the gentile nation (Acts 28:28 & Galations 2:7-8 & Ephesians 3:6 & Acts 22:21) .  In Order to understand many sayings, works, and foundations of Jesus, reading of the Old Testament (Tanakh or Hebrew Bible) is necessary.

Its sad to see so many lost because of the lack of knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, which is filled with instruction, blessings, and curses–yes curses if we do certain things.  If you wonder why certain things are not going forth, you might want to check to see if God Himself has cursed you based on some actions you must repent of &  eliminate from your life.

Historical references, predictions, guidance, and allusions are made throughout the whole Bible and not just half of it. When we accept Christ, we become part of the Israel family. So I think it would assist us to know the type of relationship He had/has with them. Following His Law, doesn’t make us to work for salvation, but instead proves how much we need His grace!

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Sinner’s Prayer:

Dear Lord & Father, You are the Creator of all things and I know you created me. But I recognize I am a sinner through Adam's Fall and you sent your only Son, Jesus Christ to live, die and be raised from the dead for me. I repent of my sins and renounce all evil works and serving of other, lower, and lesser gods before thee. Come into me life and cleanse me by your Blood. Make me whole and well by your Holy Spirit. I now desire to live for you. Let your Holy Spirit guide me in all things. In the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

Scripture of the Month-March

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

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Jesus never charged for His Sermons, Preaching, Healing, etc...why should we put His Anointing on books, tapes, and cds, and charge people for it? I recall How angry Jesus was when the leaders of the Church of His time altered the purpose of the temple and made it a business. Shouldn't we too, be afraid to do the same? UPDATE: a minister pointed out, He didn't have to because His own people were financing Him. They were wealthy...

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