Top 5 Reasons Why Every Single Person should Get a PET!!!

Being single has its privledges: only concerning yourself about yourself when you are always by yourself.  Yet, since my family decided to make a decision and bring a pet home last year, the Lord has shown me blessings through my relationship with my little Doggie 🙂  If you are single and can afford to, I would offer these wonderful benefits if you got a PET!!!

1. Love: you learn to care for, protect, and give to this living thing that cannot take care of itself.  This builds up love.  Love is not solely emotional but a committment to be diligent in doing or agreeing to something.

2. Selfishless: you learn to make decisions based on two instead of one, like when shall I treat my pet to something he or she enjoys, or shall I play with my pet instead of doing something I want?

3. Understanding: you gain an understanding of the relationship Christ has with us when we relate to our pets.  As they rely on us for everything from basic physical needs to intangible ones, also as we do with the Lord, as He gives us all things freely to enjoy!

4. New Perspective: when you start viewing life from the perspective of your pet, you see things in a differently, which challenges your mind and therefore strengthens your brain.

5. Forgiveness: As the Lord takes you through your relationship with your pet, you will learn to forgive as he or she does things that need correction whether he or she knows realizes it or not.  In addition, you see from the pet’s reactions that they are very forgiving and loving too, so why not learn from him or her?


Side note: you adopting a pet will be one less pet in the world that could be hurt, abused, put to death, strayed, etc….


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