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A season of Banning things in the World

Although some evils things most occur for the Prophecies of the Lord to come to pass (otherswise the Revelation of Jesus would be null ), it doesn’t mean we can just freely allow evil to reign!  Unfortunately, just as one can discern and see the Lord’s hand in things, one can also see the enemy’s.   Three things the enemy has an influence over are:

1. tv

2. online sites

3. video games ( saw a game online called Evony….hmmm a perversion code for envy? is he still mad at losing his spot? where you ‘become’ lord of all lords….isn’t that title already taken?? and its offered ‘free forever’….hmmm sin if always free at first, but it cost greatly in the end…  )

But there is some good news!  Some of the nations of this world isn’t having satan in everything!  Take Ukraine for example.  They are working on banning adult/children cartoons such as south park, simpsons, teletubbies, spongebob, shrek and anime.  They state, taken from their studies, that these show promote alternate lifestyles, unruly children, criminal activity, sexism and violence.  You can read the whole article here:

eBay is another illustration.  Whether or not this company promotes Christian values is unknown, but as of August 30th, 2012, they are going to ban the selling of the following popular items on their site:

*prayers to any diety

*pyschic readings

*magic potions

You can read full list here

Could this be, God’s handiwork? 🙂


Chick Chick Chick Fil A!

WOW WOW WOW, who would have guessed one man’s opinion ( or rather, interpretation form God’s Word ) would SHAKE the nation!  It made the NEWS….which the keen know is carfully sifted and selected.  Praise God!

Very interesting to note that those who want acceptance for an alternate lifestyle, and freedom to think another way, have harshly condemned another who thought ‘differently’ from them~ as a tv interviewee pointed out.  Sounds like…hmmm, Acts 23:3.

We support not only free speech in the US, but also with the Biblical definition of the role of man and woman relationship to each other: Husband and Wife.  But we do not support treat someone in any discriminatory manner due to personal bias, etc, in order Dan Cathy and his chain is NOT guilty of so far.  The man just prarphrased the Bible and asserted his faith.  Isnt that what gay-rights activists also do?

This article  also brings out other interesting concerns:,0,1857837.story?track=rss

HUNGRY?  try 😉

Sinner’s Prayer:

Dear Lord & Father, You are the Creator of all things and I know you created me. But I recognize I am a sinner through Adam's Fall and you sent your only Son, Jesus Christ to live, die and be raised from the dead for me. I repent of my sins and renounce all evil works and serving of other, lower, and lesser gods before thee. Come into me life and cleanse me by your Blood. Make me whole and well by your Holy Spirit. I now desire to live for you. Let your Holy Spirit guide me in all things. In the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

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Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

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