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Questions on 40 day Fasting

Moses was able to do it on the mountain of Mt. Sinai when recieving the first & second round of written commandments on the tablets from the Lord ( Exodus 24 & 34 )

Jesus did it in the wilderness before His ministry began and where He was ‘tempted’ by Satan ( Matthew 4 )

I have only been able to fast without water or food for one full day.  What type of Power did these two men have to sustain them during this time?  What kind of Power did they recieve afterwards?  If I am able to do so, will my face shine like Moses’ did from continously staying in the Presence of the Lord?  Could I intercede for a people that disrepect God through their actions like he did?  Will I be a life-altering person that defys mainstream opinions of the highly educated who can change a nation and every single life that will meet me, like Jesus did?

More information may be given at the encouragement of Mr Prayer 77 on YouTube regarding fasts.


21 Day Fast

To become a better person, the Lord has led me to take a look at myself and examine what’s lacking.  To see what is keeping me from being the best and to increase my potential in every area of my life.  He gave me the 21 day fast.

Before I turn you off, reason with me for a moment.  A fast isn’t restricted to an abstaining from eating, but can also be directed towards limiting what’s preventing you from a life of excellence.  What’s a life of excellence, you ask?  Well this is defined differently by each person and what ever it means to you, if you aren’t living it, this may help you.  My personal definition of an excellent life is to live a life fulfilling my talents, passions, missions, assets, and potential, as well as approaching every thing objectively, without bias, and with newness in life as described by the Lord in His Word.  Please feel free to adopt my definition if you don’t have one.

In order to get closer to living my definition of excellence, God showed me what was lacking in my character and told me to fast from acting in those ways during the 21 days.  Then He gave me at least 3 Scriptures from the Bible to mediate on and after the 21 days, I am more empowered against that flaw.  I have a new trait that replaces it.  Any thing you do for 21 days straight becomes a habit and your mind or body will begin to operate in the new mind you train it with.

I pray this helps you as you continue you new years resolutions throughout the year.

New Year…7 things learned in 3 months

Old things are passing away and in 2010, all things are continuously becoming new….

7 things I’ve learned in these past few months that I’ve fasted from these posts:

1. Fasting is a lifestyle for the one who wants to keep himself aligned with Christ, with God.

2. There are several types of fasts, not just abstaining from food.

3. No matter how much faith you have, it can still be made stronger and shown is need improvement

4. Although I’m not yet rich, and I’m not at all poor, the Lord has given me all things materially & mentally as I have access to all thing on His earth.

5. God has is perfect timing in all things for all of us, and it appears as if the more He loves us and makes us righteous before Him, the more He tries us and allows hardships & lengthy situations to perfect us in character & spirit.

6. Showing your faith through your lifestyle is also as convincing as preaching

7. God ; Jesus ; the Holy Spirit, loves all of us but will not tolerate evil

Sinner’s Prayer:

Dear Lord & Father, You are the Creator of all things and I know you created me. But I recognize I am a sinner through Adam's Fall and you sent your only Son, Jesus Christ to live, die and be raised from the dead for me. I repent of my sins and renounce all evil works and serving of other, lower, and lesser gods before thee. Come into me life and cleanse me by your Blood. Make me whole and well by your Holy Spirit. I now desire to live for you. Let your Holy Spirit guide me in all things. In the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

Scripture of the Month-March

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

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Jesus never charged for His Sermons, Preaching, Healing, etc...why should we put His Anointing on books, tapes, and cds, and charge people for it? I recall How angry Jesus was when the leaders of the Church of His time altered the purpose of the temple and made it a business. Shouldn't we too, be afraid to do the same? UPDATE: a minister pointed out, He didn't have to because His own people were financing Him. They were wealthy...

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