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The Number 1 stolen book!!

It’s ironic.

But the number one stolen book each year is “The HOLY BIBLE”.

From bookstores, Christian or not, to libraries and hotels, the Bible is the most stolen book.

How can this be…and why?

Many pass out Bibles for free and some hotels stock Bibles in every room. They may not be the fanciest kind, as the most expensive can cost from $0 to up to $130,000. Some even receive them as gifts!














What’s on your Ipod?

ipodIs everything you are doing reflecting the glory of God on your life? If another person listened to your Ipod, would what they think of you?

Christians would do well to monitor what they feed in their souls. Whatever you feed your self is what come out of you.

Is the music glorifying God? Uplifting? Positive? Encouraging? Or is it depressing, negative, or degrading?

Many listen to the beats first and decide if they like a song. The lyrics to a song should be carefully considered before even attaching to the beats, because one can be deceived if he or she doesn’t.  One can be lead astray from the truth of God by following a beat. Unfortunately, even some Christian songs have a line or two out of the whole song that does not line up with God’s word. Examine each word, each concept, each picture being painted by every song you listen to and determine if it is benefiting or detracting from living the best life you can for the Lord.

Not everyone can do something ‘cold turkey’, so give yourself a realistic goal. Take a week a examine a few songs each day and the final test question would be: If I were standing in front of Jesus, would he approve of this song? Also: and why 0r why not? If He would not, then get rid of it. You do not want anything that not only holds your spirit back from living a godly life, but would turn the Lord away from you, to bless you , because He is holy and mr satan legalise will bring up something to Him to prevent your blessing.

Are you a Princess? (Or Prince)

There really isn’t one meaning to the word ‘princess’.

Some people call others a ‘princess’, which can have a positive or negative connation.

There are 3 main definitions for that word ‘princess’ or a ‘prince’.

1. Earthly Royalty

2. Spiritual Royalty

3. Common Term/Label

To be a prince or princess in the earth realm means that a person was birthed by blood or married into royalty.

In the Spirit realm, those that are the true children of God are the brothers and sisters to the Prince of Peace, the firstborn.  This would make those brothers and sisters, princes and princesses respectively.

As a common term, a person can label a young girl or woman a princess and mean it either positively or negatively.  The good meaning is that a girl or  woman behaves and acts in a manner that princesses usually carry.  The evil meaning is that the girl or woman is misbehaving in a demanding, spoiled, undesired way.  Usually if a young boy or man is called a prince its meant in a good light, one of unusual kindness, generosity, and / or chivalry.

If you are saved by Jesus Christ, the you are a child of God, an heir to the promises, a prince or princess to His Kingdom.  In knowing this, one must also carry the conduct of a princess or prince.  One should study the habits and mannerisms of royalty in order to operate properly in God’s Kingdom. Here are 5 key words to consider in behaving like royalty and thriving in the Kingdom of God:

1. giving

2. helping

3. caring

4. self-controlled

5. etiquette


Is Kissing Fine for Christian Singles??


Many are NOT going to like what I have to say.

And that’s ok…I’m not addressing this to them.  Those that are really seeking the Lord and are wanting to live holy will listen to what to Spirit has to say.

Is kissing ok for a single Christian to do?

This is not a quick answer.  Of course there is an answer, but the answer will not give you insight to what’s behind the answer. So let’s explore the reasoning.

All physical intimacy was created and comes from the Lord.  The Bible says all things come from Him and there wasn’t anything that was created that didn’t come from Him (John).  When we look at what God created, we must look at its function.  God created everything to has a specific function, a purpose, a role.

What role does kissing have?

When we kiss, what happens? We are really feeling the person we kiss.  We want to kiss some more, hug more, touch more, do more…Why is that?  It’s because God creates anything to go beyond, go deeper, go more intimate.  So when we kiss we want to do more than that.  Kissing can ultimately lead to the best part of intimacy, SEX.

Now, is that a BAD thing?  No it isn’t. God CREATED sex.  So the One who made it, has a purpose for it.  God wanted us to have sex.  Sex with our spouse, ONLY.  The Bible says to not live in temptation, not live in uncleanliness, not live in inordinate affection.

So, are we to stop kissing?

kissing 2

Ask yourself, can you stop yourself from feeling sexual? No, you cannot. It’s impossible because God created it to make you feel that way.  And anything you feel and desire and visualize, you will eventually do.

Think about this:

Each person you KISS and do NOT marry, you just kissed someone else’s spouse.

Eventually, when you do eventually meet and marry your spouse,  you will have those memories with you in your marriage…


5 Reasons Why I don’t own a TV Set

I have not owned a TV set in years.  I don’t even watch anyone else’s box often.  It’s a rare occasion to find me in front of the lighted box!

As a Christian, and a conscious individual, I cannot see how anyone can stand watching it for any period of time.  Here’s why:

1. Do you have trouble concentrating on anything for long periods of time?  If you watch TV, it may be becuase of the way the programs are set up.  Every 7 minutes or so, a set of commercials are interjected into the program you are watching.  This breaks a level of continuous focus and actually trains or conditions your mind to operate under distractions in life.

2. Once you turn on a tv and settle down in front of it, your mind goes from alpha waves ( active/concious ) to beta waves ( sedentary /unconcious ) in less than a minute.  This puts a person in a very suggestive unconcious receptive position, less likely to challenge anything it sees and records, especially since its only ‘TV’.

3. There are subliminal messages in EVERY commercial and TV program.  Think this is not true?  See the below clip for proof. Just think about the bigger picture: There are two entities that are given dominion through God’s gift to man, either the Lord himself, or the devil.  If the Lord is not in authority over a thing, then note that the devil is. If he is, then he will promote his agenda, so this shouldn’t really be surprising.

4. Have you ever noticed when your favorite show cuts to a commercial the volume goes up? No, this is not your imagination, it’s the commercials blaring their wares! This was such a complaint, that the FCC hjad to pass the CALM Act, in 2010, which stand for the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation,  This will take effect in December 2012 to make sure the volume doesn’t need to be adjusted anymore.

5. Are you noticing what is on TV in this age?  What things that are now considered ‘entertaining’ while just a few decades ago would have been an outrage?  There is a LOT of demoralizing, desenstizing, and degrading things on the channels today.  Cursing, Arguing, Disrespect, Dishonor, and a borage of ads for medications that make you worse than the symptoms they heal, just to name a few!

In examining and realizing these truths, we should be guard what we watch and hear and stay alert.  Deception only has victory when its unexpected.  That’s why Jesus said to stay awake and pray…

Give me a good book, like the BIBLE,  and some tea over television any day!


Want a Better World?

Create it.

Through Christ Jesus.  Not just God, but Christ Jesus.


Because John 1:3 says that ‘All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.’ That Him refers to Jesus.

Through Him we have real power that He has shared with us.  To those that accept Him as truth.  That gift he gave us, is the power to create.

With the gifts He gave us: the mind, the mouth, and the hand.

Everyone wants to blame Eve

Most of the females I know blame Eve for their problems, especially when it come to that special time of the month.   Yet blaming Eve is very myopic and prevents true depth of analysis of what occured in the garden that day:

Number 1: There was a serpent in the garden.  Evil enticed Eve and plotted against God’s creation.  If there was no evil, we would live in a good world.

Number 2: Adam, whom was given the direct Command from God, should not have been influenced by Eve’s decision.

Number 3: It is NOT certain whether each female that is upset with Eve would have done differently in that situation.  Reviewing their lives today, they might have made the same mistake repetitively in different senarios.

Be careful in faulting other for your problems!

Sinner’s Prayer:

Dear Lord & Father, You are the Creator of all things and I know you created me. But I recognize I am a sinner through Adam's Fall and you sent your only Son, Jesus Christ to live, die and be raised from the dead for me. I repent of my sins and renounce all evil works and serving of other, lower, and lesser gods before thee. Come into me life and cleanse me by your Blood. Make me whole and well by your Holy Spirit. I now desire to live for you. Let your Holy Spirit guide me in all things. In the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

Scripture of the Month-March

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

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